What to Expect at your first appointment

At your first appointment you can expect me to be on time. I value your time as much as I value mine. If you are scheduled at 12 noon, chances are that you be talking to me by 12 :05. You will have emailed me you your paperwork before the appointment so I can review it before your session.  My forms are conveniently located on my website under the "helpful forms" section so you are able to complete the forms at your convenience prior to our session. We will go over the paperwork first and you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions about the forms you completed.

Your first session is usually longer than most sessions and it will last 75 minutes. At that time you have the chance to tell me everything and anything you want. I will listen to you, give you feedback, and ask you to answer questions about your concerns. We will define what you feel is the problem and we will set goals for what you would like to change.

I will give you an idea of how long and how many sessions you would need to attend before you leave. You have the option at that time to set up future appointments which are usually scheduled every week or every other week depending on your needs. I will provide you with referrals if you decide not to reschedule with me or if I feel I cannot help you.

Finally, I pride myself in providing what I call "VIP" services. This means that when you call me I will return your call usually within 1-2 hours, I will try to give you the appointment time you desire and you will have the ability to text me for emergencies or appointment changes. I am easy to access and I respond to you quickly.

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