I offer Hippa compliant Tele-Counseling which means that you do not drive to my office for sessions. The sessions are done from your smart phone, laptop or desk top computer. These sessions are offered on various days of the week at various times to make it most convenient for you.   We will discuss if you are a good candidate at your first Tele-Health session.   Examples of what a good candidate means is that you are an emotionally stable, functional adult with no suicidal ideation.   If you are feeling suicidal, you are not a good candidate for Tele-Counseling and you should seek immediate help and see a professional in person.  You must also live in California to be eligible for Tele-Counseling with me because my license only allows me to see clients who live in California.  

I utilize an on-line platform for Tele-Counseling. The platform is encrypted, confidential and Hippa compliant. You will be instructed to download the application to your smart device and run a "test" to make sure your device is working properly. This step takes approximately 5 minutes. Once the application is loaded on your smart device it stays there as an app. You will receive an email from me on the day of your session with a link to click on at the time of your session. This process takes less than one minute. You will then see me on your device and we will start your session.  You will use the same link for convenience each session and you do not have to download something new each time.

It is recommended to wear air pods or headphones so you have privacy and also so you can hear me clearly. Headphones are not required it is just a recommendation for privacy and clarity of sound. You should also be in a private area preferably not at a public place. A lot of my clients do their sessions in their car, from home or at their office.

Examples of why my clients are opting to do Tele-Counseling is because it saves them on time driving back and forth to my office, saves on gas, and allows them more time with freedom of scheduling. I offer more diverse time slots for Tele-Counseling on many days of the week.   Some of my clients have shared with me that they are more comfortable talking over their phone rather than in person especially if they are struggling with anxiety or depression issues. Lastly, Tele-Counseling can be done with several people at one time, up to 8 people for example, with families or couples who are all in separate locations but participate in the session together at the same time.

Fees for Tele-Counseling sessions are $180 per hour for individuals, $185 for couples and $195 for families.  Shorter or longer sessions are available with 30 minutes being the shortest session offered. Please contact me directly if you have further questions about Tele-Counseling.

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